The government’s reckless pursuit of quick trade deals is creating a race to the bottom for food, animal welfare, and environmental standards.  

This flies in the face of their own commitments and threatens to put many farmers out of business as poor-quality imports flood the UK market. 

There are fears the UK could lower its environmental standards after Brexit, going below EU standards on clean air, pollution, cleanliness of beaches, seas and rivers, carbon trading, emissions, efficiency, renewables, plastics, waste and much more.  

Sewage pollution in UK rivers has increased by more than 85 per cent over the last year. We call on the UK to commit to maintaining EU standards, and improving on them, taking a lead in the global fight against climate change and for improved environmental standards. 

Hardworking European citizens are having their futures destroyed and families scattered. We believe that every EU citizen who has pre-settled status deserves the right to contribute to our economy. 

We are shocked and appalled that EU citizens who have done nothing wrong have been treated like criminals and detained at the border.

After the Frost, it’s time to thaw.

THEREFORE, WE THE UNDERSIGNED, call on Liz Truss to protect our standards, to protect our seas, rivers and beaches, and to protect EU citizens; and 

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, are calling on our new Brexit negotiator to: 

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