Cross the Channel to celebrate 30 years of the Tunnel. May 4

East Kent for Europe is planning to celebrate the 30 year anniversary by reciprocal day return visits through the Channel tunnel. Calais is keen to host groups from Kent on May 4, and we plan to offer Kent hospitality to their groups on May 5. 


We see this as an opportunity to make a media splash about our cross-Channel links, and highlight the benefits that the Channel tunnel has given us. So are you free to join us on May 4, crossing the Channel by Shuttle,  with posters about those benefits  ?!

In Calais:

Large sandy beaches for family picnics

A nearby skate park, and another for BMX

A lace museum with fine chronology of fashion

Musee de Beaux Arts,

Bleriot memorial site, for views across the channel

The Dragon – a metal monster to frighten the holiday crowds


The cheapest way to travel is in a full private car (about £50 each for car of 4 passengers) by the Shuttle. You would need to manage your own booking and have valid passport.

Notify [email protected] and you might get a free meal !




May 04, 2024 at 8:00am - 8pm


Calais beach
Google map and directions


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