'We as a party must have a space to discuss our future relationship with the EU' - David Gauke

Published on October 03, 2023

EMUK is back from the Conservative conference in Manchester where we were making the case that Brexit is a calamity that we need to reverse.  

On Sunday night we hosted an event in partnership with Bright Blue ‘The Future of the UK in Europe’ where we heard from Anand Menon from UKICE, Ryan Shorthouse CEO of Bright Blue and Former MP David Gauke. 

The event was extremely well attended, and has since been covered by the New European. Overall the feeling in the room was one of optimism and hope for future relationships with Europe. Despite the mainstream pro-Brexit narrative within the Conservatives, it’s clear that there are still brave pro-European voices within the party. 

As David Gauke said: 

"We as a party must have a space to discuss our future relationship with the EU including a possible rejoining of the EU, and we need to be able to debate that as a party”. 

“I think the Conservative Party is on the wrong side of the argument on our relationship with Europe”.  

These were not the only words of encouragement we received during the conference. We know that the Brexiters do not speak for the entire party, however loud their voices are.

Now that we’re back from Manchester we will use the connections we made, the conversations we had, and the campaigns we discussed to continue to ramp up the pressure and ensure politicians don’t ignore Europe as we move closer to a general election.  

Thanks to everyone who came to speak with us in Manchester, who showed support via social media, and who made our attendance in Manchester a possibility.  

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election