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If you wish to write to your local newspaper about the option to have a vote on the final deal, and make it clear that revoking Article 50 is still in our power, feel free to use our template letter below:



Dear Editor,

I do not believe that Brexit is in the best interests of the UK. Already we are seeing the damaging effects of plans to exit the European Union, with a huge drop in EU nurse applicants; potentially a new hard border on the island of Ireland; banks and businesses relocating abroad; and there was an increase in hate crime after the referendum.

All of this is unnecessary. The Article 50 notification which Theresa May sent to Brussels triggering Brexit, can be revoked. Lord Kerr – the author of Article 50 – has made it absolutely clear that the UK has notified the EU of its intention to leave: but that we have every right to change our minds.  The UK does not need to go down a destructive path.

Government is in chaos and negotiations aimed at establishing the UK as an ex-member state are pulling us towards a highly inhospitable destination. This is why I am part of the growing European Movement, pushing for a vote on the final deal, which includes the option to remain in the EU.

We can reverse from this course to a brighter future. 

Yours faithfully,

[Insert name]

European Movement UK

Note: you can slightly adapt the text above or insert your own text, but please don’t exceed 200 words otherwise it will probably be too long for the Letters section.