BREAKING: Trade deal with the EU reached

Our Chair Stephen Dorrell 

 “This deal is better than no deal, but it is a bad deal for Britain. The British people have never consented to this deal; it reflects Johnson’s choices.”


Our President Lord Michael Heseltine 

"We must welcome the news that Brexit does not end in the chaos of no deal, but only with the sense of relief of a condemned man informed that his execution has been commuted to a life sentence. 

No deal was always the worst option. It would have added short term upheaval at docks and airports, shortages caused by severed supply lines and massive personal inconvenience to the long term disinvestment and job losses of Brexit itself. 

But Brexit – this Brexit - has no upsides to justify the unsubstantiated claims.

Brexit offers no platform from which to influence Europe’s future and no reason why investment designed for Europe should be invested here.

The European Movement will campaign to hold the government to account for the losses we are about to experience.

And we will fight, over the years ahead, to rebuild our relationship with the European Union, brick by brick.

If you believe in a better relationship with Europe, please join us today.


Thank you for all your support in 2020."

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