Lord Heseltine - 'Brexit has failed. The only way forward is with Europe.'

Published on September 25, 2023

Lord Heseltine - 'Brexit has failed. The only way forward is with Europe.'

Public opinion in the UK has always been in favour of Europe. The latest opinion polls show us that this is still the case. 

It was the deception of the Brexit campaign – led by Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson - which was so powerful. Their morally bankrupt campaign played with people’s emotions by deploying the oldest trick in the book: it gave them an enemy. 

They. Them. It. Europe. Officials. Immigrants. This was the Brexit campaign. 

But Brexit has failed. You know it. I know. Businesses know it. This government knows it. Even the architects of Brexit know it. 

I have said it many times before: if the UK was still a member of the EU, I would not still be involved in politics the way I am.

Last week, in conversation with UK in a Changing Europe, and to an audience of European Movement members, I said that the UK joining the EEC was a watershed moment in British history. It has made the country we live in today. I honestly think that the UK is the best example of a mixed, tolerant and integrated society. To protect this and more, it’s time to undo the damage. 

That is why we are campaigning to reclaim the benefits and freedoms that Brexit took from the UK and then keep on going, to lead our country all the way back into Europe. Rejoining Horizon Europe was an excellent first step, but there is much for us to do. 

Yes, the EU is complicated and involves bureaucracy. But in the bigger picture, thinking about the prosperity of our country, the only way forward is with Europe. 

You can watch my conversation with Anand Menon last week in full, here. Just skip forward to 11 minutes. 



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