European Movement Action Day to Support One Day Without Us

Published on February 12, 2018

The European Movement, alongside other pro-European organisations, is running an Action Day on Saturday 17 February in support of the One Day Without Us campaign to celebrate the contribution of migrants to our society and highlight the critical work of EU staff in the NHS.


People from other countries make a huge contribution to the fabric of the UK.  Migration enriches this island with valuable diversity - and opens minds, as we discover new ideas, alternative perspectives and different traditions; as well as all that we have in common.

Migrants are our neighbours, classmates, colleagues, parents, teachers and doctors. EU and non-EU nationals play a vital role in our NHS. But Brexit is driving EU nationals away from the NHS and making the staffing crisis worse - around 10,000 EU nationals have quit the NHS since 23 June 2016.

Join us to celebrate the massive contribution of migrants and highlight the excellent work of EU nationals in the NHS!

If you would like to get involved in the European Movement Action Day find your local event.

The events that One Day Without Us are promoting can be found on their website here

At 2pm on Saturday 17 February we are encouraging our supporters to take part in the One Day Without Us ‘unifying action’ by posting photos of yourselves and the people you are with on social media with the hashtag #1DayWithoutUs.

Proud to be a migrant

Proud to stand with migrants

1DWU Action Day

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