Results of the 2023 European Movement Elections

Published on November 28, 2023

Following the closing of polls in the 2023 European Movement elections, we are pleased to announce that Mike Galsworthy has been re-elected as Chair of the European Movement for a further two years, having been initially elected during an interim election earlier this year.

We are also pleased to announce that Molly Scott Cato and Richard Wilson have been re-elected as Vice Chairs of the European Movement, with Molly Scott Cato taking the role of Senior Vice Chair following a vote of the European Movement's membership.

The election also saw the following people take up named roles either on the European Movement's Executive Committee or on the National Council:

  • Sandra Lawman - Secretary (Executive Committee)
  • David Edwards - Treasurer (Executive Committee)
  • Yvonne Wancke - Chair of the Branches Forum (Executive Committee)
  • Jackie Jones - Diversity Officer (Executive Committee)
  • Richard Morris - International Officer (National Council)

In addition, more than 60 people were elected to the European Movement's National Council to represent the voices of our 22,000 members, 100+ local activist groups, and partner organisations.

To view the full results for all roles, including the breakdown of votes, please click the button below download our election results document.


The elections were managed and verified independently by Civica (formerly ERS), according to rules and procedures laid out in the European Movement constitution.

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