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Pan-European Campaigns

Pan-European Campaigns

You said...

Branches and local groups told us that they would like the opportunity to take part in pan-European campaigns with our sister organisations across the continent.

We did...

We took part in a pan-European initiative for Europe Day 2020 organised by European Movement International which, due to COVID-19, was in the form of a social media campaign that featured professionally produced videos and other content.

Our sister organisations from all over Europe took part in the campaign, and European Movement UK was proud to work alongside them on a joint campaign.

As part of the initiative, our branches and local groups could apply for a grant from us to fund adverts that would promote the content via their social media channels. In addition to embedding the campaign in local communities across the UK this also raised the profile of our groups in their local area.

A preview of one of the videos, which highlighted the progress made on equality across Europe, can be seen below.

The world is ours on #EuropeDay

Earlier this year, the EU set out a strategy to achieve gender equality. On #EuropeDay, join the movement to fight for a more equal world alongside our closest neighbours.👇

Posted by European Movement UK on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It is our intention to take part in similar pan-European campaigns moving forward whenever the opportunity becomes available. Where this is possible we will ensure that branches and local groups, and the communities that they represent, are an integral part of the initiative.