European Movement in Scotland Engages at Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference

Published on November 06, 2023

On Saturday, the European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) actively participated in the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference held in Edinburgh. The event was another successful endeavour for the EMiS, interacting with party members and senior politicians, including Party Leader Alex Cole Hamilton MSP, MP Wendy Chamberlain, and EMiS Vice President Willie Rennie MSP. And, Willie Rennie MSP, former party leader and EMiS Vice President invites everyone to join EMiS to help build the "positive case" for rejoining the EU.

At the conference, EMiS hosted a stall and saw an influx of new members, while also facilitating a policy roundtable discussion on the crucial topic of freedom of movement.

During this discussion, EMiS emphasised the need for the next UK Government to negotiate freedom of movement with the EU and provide greater control over immigration policy to the devolved administrations.

Participants heard presentations by EMiS Vice Chair Jo Goodburn and John Edwards, who as well as being an EMiS member was the official Remain spokesperson in Scotland for the 2016 referendum. In his closing speech to the conference, party leader Alex Cole Hamilton reiterated the party's support of "the European project" saying "We will never let go of the inescapable reality that our country was simply better off as a full member of the European Union".

Alex Cole Hamilton also went on to say that "the European Movement is for you" as he encourages members to get involved. 

This event marked the conclusion of Party conference season in Scotland. We would like to thank all the volunteers who selflessly contributed their time and effort to staff the stalls and give a warm welcome to the numerous new members who joined the European Movement in Scotland during the conference season.


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