H4EU street stall, Ross on Wye, 27 May

Published on May 31, 2023

The sun shone and there was no wind to blow the gazebo around like last time in Hereford. Anyway, Mary Sinclair Powell, the Markets Officer, kindly lent us some of her weights in case of a strong gust of wind up Broad Street. Six H4EU members attended to talk to passers-by about their experience of Brexit and to encourage them both to take part in the opinion poll and to join the European Movement.

About 53 people put their coloured dots or stars on the poll, including a number of EU visitors. There was a twinning event with 40 visitors from Betzdorf in Germany and so the Town Council was flying the German flag again. They were about to have a reception with the Mayor. There were a couple of Brexiteers - one gent actually said: "I am a Brexiteer". But the majority were angry about the lies told by government and hoped for a rapprochement with the EU (around 90%), though not all felt we would be able to rejoin. Some had property in Europe (Spain and France) to which they now couldn't retire. A few also admitted having voted to Leave and wished they hadn't now, but felt they hadn't been given the relevant information at the time.

Some figures: on the question of how our country is getting on since Brexit, 92% said very badly or poorly on cost of living; 95% said the same about health & social care; 86% on businesses & farming; 89% on the music industry; 76% on the environment; and 88% on human rights & employment protection. 85% felt they'd have a better life if we were still an EU country, a whopping 92% were sure we'd been told lies about the benefits of Brexit, and 90% wanted a closer relationship with the EU in future.

Attendance was around 20% higher than last time we were in Ross. People seemed more forthcoming, and less hesitant to be seen criticising the government than last time round.

Afterwards we went for a very welcome drink at the King’s Head Hotel. The next street stall will be in Kington on Saturday 17 June from 1000-1300.

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