Hereford Pride, 10 June

Published on June 11, 2023

After the National Council meeting I raced off to Hereford Racecourse to hand out Pride leaflets at Hereford Pride, which ran from 12.00-18.30.

At the after-party in the evening I was told there had been about 1,000 people there through the afternoon. There were still a hundred or more when I got there. I handed out a few dozen leaflets and had lots of interesting conversations.

Only one group said "No thank you, we're Leavers", while another group didn't want to engage because it was about politics. "I'm a politician", he said. "National or local", I asked, knowing he wasn't either of our Conservative Herefordshire MPs. "Local", he said, "but I don't think this is the right place for politics". I didn't argue: he was entitled to a day off at a Pride event although he should expect to be confronted by politics at every turn.

Anyway, everyone else conformed to EMUK's judgement that the LGBTQ+ community is essentially pro-EU and agreed that we needed to reverse the damage of Brexit. Many immediately scanned the QR code and had a look at the EM website.

My main pitch was to emphasise that we wanted more members to enable us to do more, so please join. Several people expressed positive interest but I don't know whether they will actually join or not. I didn't stand over them to insist.

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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