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Blogs from our Local Groups
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe
10 May, 2020
Campaign now to extend Brexit transition
In the transformed global setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, the major pro-EU groups are coming together to campaign for the...
Graham Bishop
14 Feb, 2020
Negotiating with a bloc seven times your size: Clash no 1 - Financial Services
The UK has the same rules as the EU right now – but EU rules are evolving continuously under the...
Searching for hope as Brexit dawns
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 06 Feb, 2020
By the time you read this, the UK will have formally left the EU....
Conference on the Future of Europe
Graham Bishop Bishop - 27 Jan, 2020
As I was in Brussels for business, I was able to pop in to...
Harry, Meghan, Zeus, and Europa!
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 16 Jan, 2020
In Greek mythology, the King of the Gods, Zeus, fell in love with a...
Healing – more than empty words and slogans
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 17 Dec, 2019
We know Jo Pye as London4Europe’s Volunteer Coordinator, who energetically manages our Volunteer Support...
Why the (True) Price of Brexit will be the NHS – and more
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 11 Dec, 2019
We are one day from decision day. The stakes have never been higher. This...
Towards a fork in the road…
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 11 Dec, 2019
The torrent of words, inane slogans repeated ad nauseam, exaggerations, blatant mistruths and inventions...
Get Brexit Gone
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 07 Dec, 2019
One thing we can all agree about Brexit is our wish for it to...
Missing the Boat to the Valley of Death
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 28 Nov, 2019
As we prepare to leave the European Union, a £3.5 billion fund to provide...