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Blogs from our Local Groups
Michael Romberg
02 May, 2019
Your local paper wants to hear from you
First Epping Forest, then the world London4Europe Committee Member Michael Romberg writes. London4Europe's Chair, Richard Newcombe, moonlights as Chair of 
Michael Romberg
02 May, 2019
The EU is not punishing the UK
We have to win the argument with Leave voters who believe that the EU’s refusal to give the UK the...
The way you look at life
- 03 Apr, 2019
L4E secretary Andy Pye talks to his friend and former business colleague Chris Rand,...
It's not a re-run of 2016
Michael Romberg - 02 Apr, 2019
Leavers think so; but the question is different London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg looks...
Hundreds of campaigners from Ealing take part in the Put It to the People march
Ealing European Movement #Fbpe - 24 Mar, 2019
Campaigners from across Ealing travelled to London on Saturday 23rd March, to join a...
Call for Brexit being Put to the People - This Saturday
Sarah Fletcher - 19 Mar, 2019
Join us on the march for a People’s Vote on the 23 March in...
Britain's Place in the EU
Michael Romberg - 18 Mar, 2019
Sovereignty, freedom of movement, national identity London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg sets out the...
Divide and ruin
Charles Parselle - 14 Mar, 2019
A huge Government defeat but not yet a victory Charles Parselle reviews the government’s...
Why I'm attending the People's Vote March
Maggy Kilpatrick - 14 Mar, 2019
Hundreds of thousands of people marched in London last October for a People’s Vote...
Brexit harms business
London4Europe London4Europe #Fbpe - 07 Mar, 2019
The single market enables British jobs Under the single market with freedom of movement...