Panel Discussions

At the European Movement UK we believe in facilitating discussion to highlight that nothing in politics is black and white. Most issues that we face, whether about Europe or something else, are complex and multi-dimensional and by presenting a range of viewpoints we can diversify our thinking on key issues.

As a result panel discussions feature prominently in our programme of events, both as standalone events and as part of larger events such as our annual conference.

In recent years we have featured prominent speakers at our panel discussions from across the UK and Europe, including:

  • Deborah Mattinson (Author of "Beyond The Red Wall")
  • Peter Kellner (Former President of YouGov)
  • Catherine Bearder (Former MEP and Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament)
  • Charles Tannock (Former Conservative MEP)
  • Howard Goodall (Award-winning composer)
  • Femi Oluwole (Youth campaigner)
  • Dominic Grieve (Former Attorney General of England and Wales)
  • Jon Worth (Political blogger)
  • Molly Scott Cato (Former Green Party MEP)
  • Kate Smart (CEO of Settled)
  • Jess Murphy (Actress and musician)
  • Lord Andrew Adonis (Chair of the European Movement UK)

...and many more.

Our most recent panel event centred on the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE). It outlined both a vision for the future of Europe and also how people from the UK can be involved in shaping that vision. Speaking at the event were Catherine Bearder, Charles Tannock, Richard Corbett, and Molly Scott Cato with the panel being introduced by Richard Morris, International Officer of the European Movement UK.

You can watch a replay of that event below.



To watch replays of some of our other panel discussions check out the page about our 2021 Virtual Conference.


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