Parliament is back – why is Brexit not on the agenda?

Published on September 10, 2021

Why is solving the Brexit crisis not on the agenda, asks Dominic Grieve.

Parliament is back. After a Summer of recess, MPs have returned. So why is solving the Brexit crisis not on the agenda? 

The government’s hard Brexit has led to empty shelves, medicine shortages, and a lack of key workers. It has seen a collapse in UK exports to the EU and a ballooning trade deficit. And these aren’t just statistics. This means rising prices, struggling businesses, and yet another blow to our recovery from Covid. 

Even amid this mess of its own creation, the government is proposing no real solutions. 

But this could change in a heartbeat. I know that Conservative MPs’ inboxes are packed with complaints about the negative impacts of Brexit. After a shock defeat in the Chesham & Amersham by-election earlier this year, they know that they ignore their constituents’ concerns at their peril. 

Conservative MPs are getting restless and want Boris Johnson’s leadership team to sort it out. 

That is why it is so urgent in this moment to expose the full scale of the consequences of this government’s Brexit in our communities. Making a vocal and passionate case for practical solutions, our movement can make this government change course. 

We are already taking these key steps: 

  • Handing unprecedented funding and resources to our local groups
  • Hiring expert new staff to increase our media presence and make a real splash
  • Building partnerships with other pro-European organisations in Scotland and Wales, enabling us to ramp up our campaigns in every nation of the UK

Together we are campaigning to build a much closer relationship with our EU partners and reverse the drift away from the rest of Europe.

To make this happen, we need everybody to pull together and join our movement today. Are you in? Click below to join us today.



Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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