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Richard Corbett
22 Jul, 2017
Theresa May's annual RevEUw
After one calamitous year, one snap general election and a one billion pound windfall for Northern Ireland in order that...
Brendan Donnelly
22 Jul, 2017
No Good Choices for the British Government in the Brexit Negotiations
David Davis has been criticized in some quarters for spending only two hours in Brussels this week negotiating with Michel...
Brexit and Citizens’ rights: The devil is in the detail
Richard Corbett - 05 Jul, 2017
What happens to EU citizens’ rights – of EU citizens here and Brits in...
A chaotic Brexit is still a possibility
Brendan Donnelly - 05 Jul, 2017
The terms of the political debate about Brexit in the aftermath of the General...
After a year, we are still no clearer
Richard Corbett - 03 Jul, 2017
Negotiations formally start today. The EU envisages around 22 four-week cycles to the negotiations...
The dilemmas of Brexit have not been changed by the election
Brendan Donnelly - 13 Jun, 2017
The parallels between the European referendum of 2016 and the General Election of 2017...
What does the election result mean for Brexit?
Richard Corbett - 12 Jun, 2017
It certainly makes things more complex!
Theresa in Wonderland
Richard Corbett - 01 Jun, 2017
A few weeks ago I wrote about the utter foolishness of Theresa May’s mantra,...
After the election comes the painful Brexit reality
Brendan Donnelly - 30 May, 2017
It should have come as little surprise that the election called by Mrs. May,...
UK Agriculture faces huge challenges from Brexit. Why aren’t the Leavers listening?
Richard Corbett - 26 May, 2017
Just before Parliament was dissolved for the general election, the House of Lords published...