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Michael Romberg
04 Mar, 2019
To those who say "Just get Brexit over with!"
I sympathise. I really really do. London4Europe Committee member Michael Romberg whole-heartedly agrees with the public’s main demand for Brexit....
London4Europe #Fbpe
01 Mar, 2019
Why a referendum is the right answer
Everything needs a plan London4Europe Committee member and former HM Treasury senior civil servant Michael Romberg reminds us of the...
Democracy in action
Laura Urquhart Prieto - 01 Mar, 2019
Critics will claim that protesting is an outdated habit that people have taken on...
Why it's important to attend the Put it to the People March
John Hurst - 01 Mar, 2019
In October 2018 700,000 people like you took part in one of the largest...
Professor Eatwell at Dinner in Eastbourne
Paula Welch Welch - 24 Feb, 2019
European Movement member Paula Welch wrote the following account of a recent dinner Eastbourne...
Sovereignty? Maybe it’s just a family affair
Lauren Pemberton-Nelson - 23 Feb, 2019
This piece was sent in by George Stevenson.   One of the most potent...
Is Theresa May trying to outfox us?
Michael Romberg - 22 Feb, 2019
Theresa May’s opportunity to outfox us? The emphasis on avoiding No-deal and on extending...
Why we need a referendum
Martyn Evans - 21 Feb, 2019
Active Remainers – like me – are often told that we ‘never accepted the...
Brexit and Housing Associations
Adrian Waite - 21 Feb, 2019
It is generally accepted that there is a housing crisis in Britain. A cross...
Join me at the Put it to the People March
Sean Arnold - 20 Feb, 2019
On 23 March the Put It to the People March will take place in...