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The Wall
We have put up The Wall for you to write on. Unlike all physical walls, this will never be a barrier: it is a bridge.
Graham Bishop #Fbpe
11 Nov, 2018
100 Years on – the End of Part One of the Thirty Years War
Today, Europe commemorates the end of the First World War with the signing of the Armistice in the woods of...
European Movement in Wandsworth & Merton
02 Nov, 2018
We're Stopping Brexit
"About a year ago I was asked to start the Wandsworth Branch of the European Movement (EMW). Our goal is...
Why I, as an EU citizen, want a People’s Vote – and why I decided to join the team making it happen
MacKenzie Horn - 31 Oct, 2018
"When I first moved to Britain from the United States four years ago, I...
Why I became a European Movement Member
glynis cousin - 31 Oct, 2018
"I have joined European Movement for two key reasons. First our future is strengthened...
Why I joined the European Movement
Joanna Huckvale - 31 Oct, 2018
"I was asked, so I clicked and joined. Easy! I'm suddenly part of something...
Churchill – a 'founding father’ of the European Union – would vote to Remain
Graham Bishop #Fbpe - 17 Sep, 2018
Winston Churchill has often been voted the most important/influential Briton ever. I was surprised...
The Case for a People's Vote
Nick Hopkinson - 11 Jun, 2018
People are changing their minds about Brexit. The latest polls since June 2016 now...
The Will of the People is to Remain in the EU
Richard Morris - 18 May, 2018
One month ago, the major pro-Europe organisations came together to launch the single combined...
Brexit in a year? Probably not
Graham Bishop #Fbpe - 03 Apr, 2018
In less than a year, Britain goes over the cliff edge of departing from...
The latest Brexit blind alley: “mutual recognition” and “equivalence”
Richard Corbett - 14 Mar, 2018
It is becoming increasingly clear that while Theresa May’s Mansion House speech may have applied some...