Ukraine Events

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine the European Movement hosted a series of events that both discussed Europe's response to the crisis and also expressed our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

As part of this, the European Movement UK partnered with the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority to organise a march through Central London which culminated in a rally in Trafalgar Square featuring a range of speakers including the Mayor of London, actress Emma Thompson, and Vitali Klitschko the Mayor of Kyiv.



In addition to the event in Central London we organised panel discussions with key decision makers and influencers that included:

  • H.E. Sophie Katsarava MBE - Ambassador of Georgia to the UK
  • Kees Klompenhouwer - Former Dutch Ambassador to Ukraine
  • Reinhard Bütikofer - MEP (Germany)
  • Clare Moody - Former MEP (UK)
  • Olena Shevchenko - Ukrainian Human Rights and LGBT+ activist
  • Maryna Hovorukhina - A board member of Zmina, a Ukrainian Human Rights organisation
  • Tim Naor Hilton - CEO of Refugee Action
  • Kate Smart - CEO of Settled
  • Clare Moseley - Founder of Care4Calais
  • Ian Lucas - Author and former MP for Wrexham
  • Hardeep Matharu - Editor of Byline Times

You can watch replays of our Ukraine livestreams here:

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