8 things that you can do to support a People's Vote

Published on March 13, 2019

The People's Vote campaign has been vital in changing the course of the Brexit debate, thanks to our members and supporters. But want to help more and don't know how? Here are some ideas of how you can get more involved in the campaign to help us secure a People's Vote! 

1. Join the #PutItToThePeople March on 23rd March.

Maybe you've joined previous People's Vote marches, or maybe this will be your first one. Either way, if you support a People's Vote, it is crucial to show it in the final few days before the UK is currently due to leave the UK. Join the hundreds of thousands of supporters in London. If you don't live in London, there are plenty of coaches that you can travel on with like-minded supporters. If you really want to help, you can also volunteer to help at the march.

2. Get involved with your local group

European Movement has over 150 groups across the UK, so if you wish to get involved to support the cause you believe in, it's easier now more than ever - it's a great way to join with like-minded people fighting for a vote on the Brexit deal. You can find your nearest European Movement branch here.

3. Attend an event near you 

If you're not sure if you're able to commit a lot of time to getting involved with your local group, you can still show great support for getting a People's Vote in your local area by attending an event near you. The People's Vote campaign and its local groups hold numerous events in all of its local groups across the UK. You can find an event near you and get involved just by clicking here

4. Join European Movement 

European Movement is part of the People's Vote campaign and has constantly been advocating for strong relations with Europe for over 70 years. But we cannot do it on its own. If you identify with our mission, we invite you to join us! Combining our efforts is the best way of reaching our common goal. Recently, we've made it easier than ever to become a member with our new monthly membership system. You can sign up to become a member here

5. Donate to European Movement to strengthen the grassroots 

European Movement has been working hard to make sure that our local groups are as strong as they can be, in order to continue achieving massive success in the People's Vote campaign. This includes setting up new groups. However, each group costs £250 to set up, so if you support a People's Vote, support the European Movement to help us achieve this. Click here to donate to European Movement

6. Show your support for a People's Vote through social media

You can follow People's Vote, the People's Vote Grassroots, Ethnic Minorities for a People's Vote, Women for a People's Vote and LGBT+ for a People's Vote to hear more about what is going on with the People's Vote campaign and Brexit. You can also add a twibbon on social media letting people know that you support a People's Vote.

You can encourage your followers or Facebook friends to attend the People's Vote March. If you're unable to attend the march, you can retweet from the above channels on the day of the march and using the relevant hashtags.

Click here to tweet about the Put It To the People March.

Click here to post on Facebook about the Put It To The People March. 

7. Engage in discussions with friends and family about a People's Vote 

Word of mouth is another great way of advancing an idea. If you believe in the People’s Vote Campaign, discuss it with the people around you! This goes a long way as it will often result in people looking into it when they might not have otherwise. Hopefully you can even encourage more of your friends and family to join the People's Vote March!

8. Put a poster up

Another visual way to broadcast your support for a People's Vote is to put a poster up on your window. There are free ones that you can download about a People's Vote, as well as specifically for the march.

Click here for a People's Vote poster 

Click here for a People's Vote March poster



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