Tonight we won a huge victory for British democracy

Published on December 13, 2017

Tonight the House of Commons voted to support Amendment 7 to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. This represents a significant victory for those of us who do not believe democracy stopped in June 2016.

This defeat for the government means that they will now have to bring a Bill to parliament that will allow MPs to debate the terms of the final deal and, if it's not up to scratch, reject that deal and send the government back to the negotiating table.

This is not just a victory for democracy, it is a victory for you. European Movement supporters across the UK have been meeting and writing to their MPs urging them to support this Amendment.

Last Saturday, hundreds of European Movement volunteers braved the cold to go and speak to people in key seats held by Conservative MPs. Many of those MPs today rebelled against the party whip to support Amendment 7.

Throughout this year the European Movement has invested in building a grassroots network of volunteer campaigners to make the argument that the best possible deal for the UK is remaining in the European Union. This defeat for the government shows what we can achieve by getting out on the streets and making the argument.

Our branch network is expanding every week. You can find your nearest branch by entering your postcode here. If you can't find a branch nearby, why not get in touch about starting one up? Just email us at [email protected]

Tonight was a big step in the right direction. I can tell you that the mood is changing in Westminster and our campaigners are feeling a change on the ground. We still have a very long way to go, but together we can win the fight to keep the UK where it belongs at the heart of the EU.


Stephen Dorrell

Chair, European Movement UK

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