European Movement Welcomes New UK Government And Calls For Renewed EU Relations - Sir Nick Harvey

Published on July 05, 2024

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"European Movement UK welcomes the new government under Sir Keir Starmer," said CEO, Sir Nick Harvey, "and congratulates the newly elected MPs, alongside those who have retained their seats."

"We now look forward with the hope that the new government," he continued, "and the influx of pro-European MPs from across all parties, will seize the opportunity to put an end to the divisive politics of the past decade, which has left families poorer, public services in pieces, and the UK's reputation and influence severely diminished globally."

"The next parliament faces serious challenges, but also a unique opportunity, to rebuild the economy, breathe life back into the NHS, and ensure the UK plays its part on the world's stage.

"Finding solutions to many of those problems will involve serious assessments of our future relationship with the European Union, and facing the damage that a hard Brexit continues to wreak on us all. We cannot rebuild the UK without rebuilding our relationship with the EU.

"We must grasp this opportunity for a new dawn for the UK's relationship with Europe, and European Movement UK will not hold back in helping to hold the new government to account. With swathes of new MPs, and a completely new complexion in Parliament, we're finally in much better territory to build energetic and sustained support for our European future."

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