7 years since the referendum: "Brexit jeopardised my future"

Published on June 18, 2023

7 years ago, I was sitting in my parent's kitchen listening to the radio, revising for my A-levels. I heard Nigel Farage shouting about ‘taking back control’. When the result of the referendum was announced, I remember feeling anger and frustration.  

Anger, because I knew Brexit would be a disaster and frustrated because I couldn’t do anything about it. I watched for months as politicians three times my age fought over my future, yet as a 16-year-old I wasn’t old enough to vote in the referendum.  

My generation never asked for Brexit, yet It affects so many aspects of our lives – from our freedom to study, live and work in other countries, to the opportunities available to us in struggling Brexit Britain. 

Young people deserve better than this. That’s why I joined the European Movement, together we can reverse the calamity of Brexit. 

When the results were announced in 2016, I spent months anxiously waiting to hear how Brexit would affect my future. Would it end my dream of studying abroad at university? Would it destroy my chances of a future in EU politics? What would this mean for my generation?  

I couldn’t understand how this had happened. All of my friends were proud to be European. And the data backs this up: 

The opinions of young people have remained the same over the last 7 years – we never wanted to leave the EU.  

But today I often still find myself angry and frustrated, just as I did when I was 16. The Brexiter government is still pretending that the future will be brighter outside of the EU. But it’s my future that’s at stake, not theirs.  

Every day the European Movement encourages me to fight for my right to be European and a future free from Brexit. But my generation can’t carry this burden alone. Brexit affects people up and down the country, in every age group. We have to work together to create change. I hope you’ll get on board and join the fight.  


Immediately after the referendum, I had lost all hope of a future in Europe.  

But today, thanks to the European Movement, I am hopeful that my generation will be the ones to lead us back to Europe once again.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,  

Annabelle Hart  

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