It is difficult to find the right language to express our feelings as Britain leaves the European Union. We know it is a mistake; we are frustrated by the way the decision has been reached and we are genuinely concerned about its likely impact on our society and our prospects. 

But a decision has been reached, and few people wanted to extend the uncertainty and acrimony of the last few years.

The European Movement accepts the fact of the Government’s mandate but continues to believe that Britain’s interests are best served by engaging with our European neighbours to shape the continent on which we all live. 

We have not changed our mind, nor do we believe that – in a democracy – anyone has the right to ask us to do so. We shall watch events as the government pursues its policy and we shall hold them to account for its consequences. 

Brexit has shaped Boris Johnson’s Conservative party and it will be the Prime Minister and his government who are responsible for its consequences. 

Meanwhile we shall campaign in favour of principles which we believe are right:            

- EU Citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in EU countries are entitled to expect that their lives are not disrupted by unnecessary bureaucratic processes;

- We are all entitled to expect that our government will:

  •  Defend our economic interests in discussions with our trading partners in Europe and beyond; and
  •  Support effective action to address the climate emergency. 

- British Europeans share values and interests with other Europeans, and we are entitled to expect that our government will defend and promote those values and interests in a world in which they are under increasing pressure. 

With your help, the European Movement will be there to ensure that we retain close ties with our friends in Europe. Please help fund this vital work.


Kind Regards,

Stephen Dorrell,

Chair, European Movement UK