The government's refusal to protect citizens' rights is cruel and unnecessary

Published on July 07, 2021

This government's cruel and unnecessary immigration policies must be resisted, writes Heather Glass, Chair of Lambeth for Europe.


Last week, despite thousands of you writing to Priti Patel to demand change, the government refused to extend the settled status application deadline or pause immigration enforcement.

The results of this cruel and unnecessary policy are already becoming clear, and EU citizens are set to face increasing discrimination and mistreatment over coming months. Many of the most vulnerable could lose jobs, housing, NHS and even the right to stay in this country.

I won’t accept this treatment of my friends and neighbours - and I know you won’t either.

We will keep fighting as a movement to force this government to give migrant communities the rights and protections they have always deserved. This is just the beginning, and we will wage this campaign until we win.

Last week, my local group Lambeth for Europe teamed up with other activists to take our message to the streets. You may have seen our advertising van on the 30th June application deadline day itself, driving from the Home Office to Parliament to turn up the heat on ministers. We also took the van to Little Portugal in my own borough of Lambeth – a thriving home of the city’s Portuguese community – to encourage everyone who can to apply for the settled status scheme.



This action of solidarity with EU citizens was only possible with your help. The European Movement were able to spring into action because of your generous donations so far. Thank you.

The European Movement’s Crowdfunder to demand Brexit scrutiny finishes this Friday 9th July, and if they reach their target they’ll be able to support so many more powerful grassroots initiatives like this one. It’s by taking action in our communities that we will force our case onto the political agenda, get real Brexit scrutiny, and win the change we need.

If you haven’t given so far, and you are able to do so, please do your bit and give today to help them reach their fundraising target. It would mean the world to activists like me.


You can donate to our Crowdfunder project before it closes on Friday 9th July by clicking below.


Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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