The European Movement is Proud to be Fighting for a Future at the Heart of Europe

Published on February 21, 2018

David Davis has laid out his vision for a post-Brexit UK. All he could manage was a stab at those daring to put him under scrutiny coupled with underwhelming promises not to completely sell us out on employment rights, trading standards, and environmental protections.

As the UK's leading campaigning organisation committed to retaining our country's status as a full member of the European Union, the European Movement is very proud to be among those that the Brexit secretary feels the need to attack so bitterly.

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Every week our volunteer groups are out on the streets of cities, towns and villages across the UK making the argument that Article 50 can be revoked, and the right to remain in the EU should be kept on the table for parliament and the people if that is what they now wish.

David Davis, Boris Johnson and their Brexiter allies can see the wheels coming off their dream of isolating the UK from our European friends and neighbours and establishing our country as a low regulation offshore tax haven. 

We want a brighter future for the UK at the heart of Europe with all the hope and opportunity that represents for future generations. 

Together we are turning the tide against Brexit. Together we can keep the UK at the heart of the EU.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

James MacCleary

Campaigns Director, European Movement UK


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