Ask your MP not to endorse this deal!

Boris Johnson’s Brexit bears no resemblance to what was promised. It is a Bad Deal for Britain that is unwelcome when we are already worried about our jobs and businesses because of the coronavirus recession.  

 It is clear that the government will get its deal through the Commons - there is no doubt about that - but it should not be given a ringing endorsement. MPs will be voting on this deal in just a few days. Ask Opposition MPs not to endorse this Bad Deal for Britain. Ask your whipped Conservative MP what they will do to ensure local livelihoods are protected.

We will hold the Government to account for the harm this deal will do to Britain. It was a political choice, and opposition MPs should make this government take full responsibility. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve made a draft letter that you can use as you like. Just follow the steps below to take action now.