Did you vote for that?

Published on October 15, 2018
"If your MP truly cared about your wellbeing and welfare of your family, would s/he back any form of Brexit or leaving the EU? MPs can't pretend to not know about the damage being done to us all. They can't pretend they don't know that anything that involves removing us  from all that we have inside the EU will be profoundly damaging. They can't pretend to be ignorant of the impact on your children and grandchildren of forcing us out of the EU. And yet, how many of them are prepared to protect our children and grandchildren? 

How many are willing to respect the needs of the most vulnerable in society and protect them from the insidious and insane damage that is being done by spending millions not on the NHS but on unnecessary bureaucrats managing a totally unnecessary and exceedingly damaging Brexit?

Yet they expect you to trust them as they knowingly strip away our employment rights. As they dump our rights to move freely across the EU whenever we choose to live, love, study or work there while enjoying the same rights to health and social care as anyone born there?

Why would any of us vote for someone who clearly does not care for our future? For anyone who puts the promise of another five years in office as an MP ahead of protecting our quality of life, our standard of living, our access to medicines, energy, clean air, and food that has not been tampered with full of antibiotics and growth hormones? 

Do you really believe that MPs are putting respecting the people above keeping their jobs by toeing the party whip line? Why shouldn't they face the same job insecurity that they so doggedly foist on us by allowing any form of Brexit? Why should you vote for any who back that?
Is that the kind of democracy we can be proud of?

Is that the legacy to our children and grandchildren we can be proud of when they see, as they will, how many more opportunities and better quality of life, people their own age enjoy elsewhere in the EU? How they see that they get easy access to insulin, food and the essentials of life that are denied them? 

Could you look a child in the eyes and say yes, I let this happen?  Could you say I, too, knowingly voted to let you suffer? We'll be without the protections that the EU guarantees against corporate and personal tax evasion and avoidance, money laundering, poor food hygiene, poor air quality, low pay and long hours, inadequate health care, unnecessary border delays, poor and insecure access isotopes for medical diagnostics and cancer treatment at a time when we have one of the worst records on cancer in the western world? Could you forgive yourself for deliberately voting to make your family have worse prospects and a poorer lifestyle than those across the Channel?

Can you or your MP justify any of that? It's time to ask. Taking back control to damage us all? Is that democracy? Is that the kind of control you want? Is that your promise to your children and grandchildren that you can be proud of?

Time to make your views known. Time to tell your MP that neither they nor their party will get your vote again unless they stop any kind of Brexit now and get on with the job they were elected to do - protect the country and spend our taxes wisely to give us all a decent future.
None of us voted to allow MPs to rob us of that."
Juliet Lodge 
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