Eight weeks of Brexit: Eight people’s stories

Published on February 24, 2021

Brexit is having a huge impact on people’s lives, businesses and communities. We’re just a couple of months into Brexit and already there are so many stories of the damage Brexit is doing – here are eight of the most shocking:

1. “My disabled child has no wheelchair due to Brexit red tape”:

2. “It’s not good, this situation. For me it’s too much paperwork, too much wait, wait, all the time is wait. This is not good”:

3. The livelihoods and businesses of those in the fishing industry have been severely negatively impacted just like Peter:

4. EU Citizens living in the UK, like Lucrezia, are already experiencing what Brexit means for their lives:

5. “We are not even able to export at all at the moment” - excessive red tape is forming barriers to trade for businesses like Andrew’s:

6. Kent beekeeper Patrick has been told that fifteen million bees he wants to bring into the UK may be seized and burned because of post-Brexit laws:

7. Since new Brexit rules came into force, six-year-old Indie Rose from Suffolk can no longer access a prescription she and fifty other children depend on:

8. “The most difficult week I’ve had in this job in 20 years... it’s been sleepless nights and a lot of stress”:

We know that Brexit has had an impact on so many people up and down the country, and we want to know how Brexit has impacted you. Has it impacted your job, your business, how much it costs to shop?

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