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EU Commission Launches Legal Action Over the Internal Market Bill

Stephen Dorrell, ex-cabinet minister says we are at risk of irreparable damage to the international reputation of our country


Commenting on the EU Commission launching legal action against the UK over the Internal Market Bill, European Movement CEO, Anna Bird said: 

All opposition party leaders, every living ex-Prime Minister, the government’s own legal advisers and now the EU have come out against the government's threat to renege on parts of the Withdrawal Agreement. This reckless and irresponsible move is an unnecessary distraction at a time when all efforts should be focused on getting a deal with our closest trading partners. 

It is time for the government to face facts and admit that their strongarm negotiation tactics are not working.  As the deadline for negotiating a deal looms, we need to be constructive, not confrontational, with the EU if we are to avoid a catastrophic No Deal scenario. 


European Movement Chair Stephen Dorrell, said: 

The country that gave Magna Carta to the world is taken to court for breach of international law in the same week that the President of US refuses to guarantee he will respect the US election result.  

If the government insists on this unprecedented disregard for the rule of law, it will irreparably damage the international reputation of our country. If we can’t be trusted at our word, we will scupper our hopes of securing a positive future relationship with the EU and trade deals with countries around the world negotiations will become increasingly difficult.

The European Movement calls on the government to put an end to the gamesmanship and to focus seriously on getting a deal, before it’s too late. 


European Movement Vice-Chair Andrew Adonis said:

"The EU’s decision today to issue legal proceedings against the UK for its breach of international law signals the breakdown of Britain’s relations with Europe. Even if there is now a barebones deal of some kind to avoid no deal, trust has gone as long as Johnson and Cummings remain."

"Remember Theresa May saying we were replacing membership of the EU with a ‘deep and special partnership’?  Well it just ended up in the divorce courts."


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The European Movement calls on the government to put an end to the gamesmanship and to focus seriously on getting a deal, before it’s too late. If you agree, stand with us and join our rally on the 8th of October.