EU Elections 2024: Big majority for pro-Europeans, despite far-right gains

Published on June 10, 2024

Moderate pro-EU parties have won around two-thirds of the seats in the European Parliament, according to provisional results.

The far-right has made gains and this is causing justified concern. But the two far-right groups will have less than a fifth of the seats. And far-right MEPs have a long record of grandstanding and squabbling instead of putting in hard work to represent voters. Extremists have been present in the Parliament for many decades. They have never driven its agenda and they won't now.

The European Parliament matters. It will continue to perform effectively its crucial work of amending and passing EU laws, in agreement with national Ministers sitting in the Council.

Before the new Parliament gets down to its day-to-day legislative work, it must approve the appointment of the European Commission President for the next five years, by an overall majority of at least 361 MEPs out of 720.

After that, the Parliament will hold tough hearings with each nominee Commissioner. Then the new Commission, as a whole, will need endorsement in a parliamentary vote before it can take office. This is European democracy in action.

Everyone in the UK will still be affected by the European Parliament’s decisions, on the economy, trade, climate change and more. But we no longer have a voice. Brexit unseated our MEPs and disenfranchised UK voters, as well as hobbling our economy.

In France, Italy, Germany and elsewhere, even far-right parties no longer dare say they want their countries to leave the EU. Because they know voters have seen the mess made by Brexit.

The antics of Nigel Farage’s UKIP were embarrassing. But many other former UK MEPs were renowned both for promoting British and European values and for mastering detail. So losing them also weakened the European Parliament and the EU.

European Movement UK aims to put the UK back at the centre of Europe, with UK MEPs in the European Parliament, a UK Commissioner and UK Ministers around the Council table. That will take time - but it will happen.

Meanwhile, we will have a new government in a few weeks. In line with our Manifesto on Europe, European Movement UK will be calling on it to build bridges rapidly with the rest of Europe, including with the newly-elected European Parliament.

Help us put Europe on the political agenda during the general election and beyond

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