General Election 2024: European Movement UK launches The Manifesto on Europe

Published on June 05, 2024

European Movement UK has just launched the Manifesto on Europe - our list of key demands for the next government to address the catastrophic damage of Brexit and rebuild ties with Europe.

This manifesto is a crucial lobbying tool for our movement over the next 29 days. The headline is that we want all candidates to commit to improving our relationship with the EU.

It also includes detailed policy asks with practical steps - like carrying out an honest assessment of Brexit’s impact, rejoining the Erasmus+ programme, and making sure that our rights and standards remain in step with our EU neighbours.

We will use it to challenge the Brexit silence and pressure candidates to tell us where they really stand on key issues related to the EU. Take a look and help us spread the message.

CEO of European Movement UK, Nick Harvey, said:

"Maybe you saw the leaders’ debate yesterday and noticed how studiously Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer avoided mentioning the ‘B word’. Despite the fact that the real problems our country faces can’t be solved without improving cooperation with our neighbours.

"We need the next government to face reality, acknowledge public opinion, and commit to ambitious action to fix the damage of Brexit.

"Once candidate nominations close, we’ll launch our mass lobbying tool and ask for your help to make sure every political candidate in the country is sent a copy of this manifesto by voters in their area."

Members can join our briefing call next Wednesday, 12 June, at 6.30pm to hear more about our lobbying action, policy asks, and ways that you can help get the pro-European message out in your area. We will hear from Nick Harvey, Richard Kilpatrick (Campaign Manager), Maura McKeon (Field Organiser), and you will have the chance to ask us your questions.

As the election hots-up, take a moment to read through our manifesto and help us put it in front of as many people as possible.

This movement is powerful and, together, we will make sure Brexit doesn’t get ignored, in the election and beyond.

Help us put Europe on the political agenda during the general election and beyond

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