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We are facing a No Deal Brexit

Today Michel Barnier confirmed the worst fears of businesses, hospitals, and people around the country. Instead of the ‘oven-ready deal” Boris Johnson promised, we are facing the prospect of a No Deal Brexit.

We are already tackling two crises. We are still facing a global pandemic, with the possibility of a second wave in the autumn. And now our economy has plunged into the deepest recession on records. Whilst our country stands on a cliff edge, and the government risks pushing us off with a No Deal Brexit.

We know that a catastrophic No Deal Brexit will jeopardise our access to medical supplies, create chaos at our borders, and risk further job losses. 

This is not about party politics. This is about people. It is not too late to put ideology aside and avoid disaster.

We have stopped a No Deal Brexit before, and we can do it again.

The European Movement UK and their local activists will be tirelessly campaigning up and down the country to stop a No Deal Brexit, can you chip in to fund their fight?


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