Glostays – Gloucestershire for Europe

Published on October 16, 2018

Glostays – Gloucestershire for Europe work closely with Cheltenham for Europe, campaigning tirelessly for a People’s Vote and the benefits of remaining in the EU.

The group runs regular campaign stalls and do their best to cover a large geographical area. So far, most of the group's efforts have been in Stroud, Gloucester and Cirencester. Stalls and meetings are great fun with plenty of laughs. The mood is definitely changing in favour of Glostays and the People's Vote campaign, as is evident by their Brexitometer.

However, the group has been saddened and angered by tales from European nationals living and working in the UK, settled - with families – and now facing an uncertain future.

They have also been inspired and heartened by European tourists, all of whom want the UK to stay in the EU.

In addition, Glostays have mounted leafleting campaigns and demonstrations outside of Gloucestershire City Council and The Cotswold District Council, promoting the People’s Vote campaign, which was great fun! 

In September, Glostays held an event to celebrate European Day of Languages, which was a great success.

Why are we marching on October 20th for a People’s Vote?

* The Leave Campaign seriously misled voters 

* They are marching to combat the increasing racism and xenophobia since the Referendum;

* They are marching for EU nationals living in the UK, who love our country but fear for their future;

* They are marching for continuing peace in Europe and especially Northern Ireland;

* They are marching because we don’t want chlorinated chicken and American healthcare;

* They are marching for the future of young people, the vast majority of whom wish to remain in the EU and are already facing the greatest economic and social difficulties for several generations and who will suffer even more if we leave;

* They are marching to remain citizens of Europe with all the benefits that brings;

* Finally, they are marching for the heart and soul of our country.


Find out more about the group on their website, twitter and facebook

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