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Conference on the Future of Europe
27 Jan, 2020
As I was in Brussels for business, I was able to pop in to...
Paris finance eyes up Brexit spoils
12 Jul, 2019
Paris finance eyes up Brexit spoils This week included a couple of hot and...
Views from Brussels about extending the 31 Oct deadline – we must make our voice heard
22 Jun, 2019
In Brussels this week to attend the 40th anniversary of the Kangaroo Group –...
Thoughts for a third EU Referendum: Revoke Article 50 OR Leave with “a” deal
10 May, 2019
The Government has held a re-negotiation of our relationship with the EU that promises...
The issues with trading on WTO rules
28 Nov, 2018
Support in Parliament for the Brexiteers’ call to “crash out of the EU and...
100 Years on – the End of Part One of the Thirty Years War
11 Nov, 2018
Today, Europe commemorates the end of the First World War with the signing of...
Churchill – a 'founding father’ of the European Union – would vote to Remain
17 Sep, 2018
Winston Churchill has often been voted the most important/influential Briton ever. I was surprised...
Brexit in a year? Probably not
03 Apr, 2018
In less than a year, Britain goes over the cliff edge of departing from...
The City could find it cold in “Canada”
22 Jan, 2018
New Year media reports suggest the UK Government thinks the EU27 is bluffing when...
Brexit Transition – is there a Plan B?
08 Nov, 2017
Time is not on the UK’s side in these negotiations: The latest ONS annual...
How to stop Brexit (and make Britain Great again)
19 Oct, 2017
Former Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has written a book...
553 Days Until We Go Over The Cliff
22 Sep, 2017
The speech today was long on the desire for creative visons on the part...
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