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Blogs from our Local Groups
Glynis Cousin
31 Oct, 2018
Why I became a European Movement Member
"I have joined European Movement for two key reasons. First our future is strengthened through connectivity with our neighbours. To...
Joanna Huckvale
31 Oct, 2018
Why I joined the European Movement
"I was asked, so I clicked and joined. Easy! I'm suddenly part of something momentous which I hope will change...
Ealing residents join 700,000 on the People's Vote March for the Future
Ealing European Movement #Fbpe - 20 Oct, 2018
On Saturday 20th October, pro-European activists from the Ealing European Movement joined a 700,000...
Campaigners taking to streets of Ealing as part of largest ever People’s Vote National Day of Action
Ealing European Movement #Fbpe - 26 Sep, 2018
The Ealing European Movement, along with other groups campaigning for a People’s Vote up...
Churchill – a 'founding father’ of the European Union – would vote to Remain
Graham Bishop - 17 Sep, 2018
Winston Churchill has often been voted the most important/influential Briton ever. I was surprised...
The Case for a People's Vote
Nick Hopkinson - 11 Jun, 2018
People are changing their minds about Brexit. The latest polls since June 2016 now...
The Will of the People is to Remain in the EU
Richard Morris - 18 May, 2018
One month ago, the major pro-Europe organisations came together to launch the single combined...
Brexit in a year? Probably not
Graham Bishop - 03 Apr, 2018
In less than a year, Britain goes over the cliff edge of departing from...
The latest Brexit blind alley: “mutual recognition” and “equivalence”
Richard Corbett - 14 Mar, 2018
It is becoming increasingly clear that while Theresa May’s Mansion House speech may have applied some...
Is Brexit worth it, Prime Minister?
Brendan Donnelly - 05 Mar, 2018
After her speech yesterday about the Brexit negotiations, the Prime Minister was asked by...