Lord Heseltine: Until the uncertainty is resolved we shall remain in limbo

Published on September 23, 2020

In today's Daily Telegraph President of European Movement UK and former Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Michael Heseltine, wrote a powerful piece on the need to end the all uncertainty for British business to thrive post-Brexit.

I know something of the rhetoric of politics but I know too what persuades business people to invest. As the nation’s wealth creators hear proclamations about “Our Glorious Future” they know that in six weeks’ time – October 31 – we either have a deal clarifying our trading arrangements with Europe or, two months later, we are left with WTO terms.

Battle hardened by their experiences of both Brexit and Covid they will want certainty before committing their threatened cash. They know the vultures are flying in ever decreasing circles.

The piece also described the need to increase standards in order to succeed in trade negotiations, and not to tear them up in order to have an easy deal.

Markets know no morality. Regulation is the framework of civilisation. The markets of tomorrow will demand ever higher standards in environment, safety, health, education, noise and much else.

The prizes will go to the nations that trade up their standards. Governments will regulate to meet public demand and create new markets. The winners will be those ahead of the game. We will never win in the low cost, cheap product market.

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Today, European Movement UK launched the next phase of a national campaign aimed at highlighting the impact that a potential No Deal Brexit would have on both communities and businesses across the UK.

Culminating in a mass lobby of MPs, and a large-scale livestreamed rally, you can find out more by clicking here:



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