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The UK needs a strong, permanent voice for a close relationship with the EU and the championing of EU values, rights and standards post-Brexit. One that does not change with party interests or speak up only when challenged, but is a constant advocate for a strong relationship with our like-minded friends across the continent.

The European Movement is that voice.

We were a founding member of the People's Vote campaign, which saw a million people take to the streets of London - twice. Our network of grassroots groups are out speaking to people in their area every week - but only with the generous contributions of our members are we able to support them in doing so.

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Latest edition of Foresight

Demanding a People's Vote

The European Movement is a founding supporter of the People's Vote campaign to have a public vote on the Brexit deal

Since day one, we've said that the best way to end this Brexit mess is to put it back to the country.

Our national branch network

With over 150 branches across the country, the European Movement's campaign network stretches to every corner of the UK, from Devon to Aberdeen and everywhere in between.

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