Michael Heseltine slams 'dishonest' election Brexit silence

Published on May 28, 2024

European Movement UK President, former Deputy Prime Minister and political titan Michael Heseltine has spoken out about politicians' refusal to acknowledge Brexit, the elephant in the room, during the general election campaign.

He has said:

"I think this will be the most dishonest general election of my life.

Why? Because it’s going to talk about all the problems, but avoid any of the real solutions which depend upon a closer relationship with Europe.

You can’t have a discussion about the country’s economy, or its defence, or immigration, without mentioning Brexit.

We have cut ourselves off from our principal market, our most important partners, and that is the underlying crisis that faces this country.

It’s terrifying to me that while the public opinion is moving and the younger generation is frustrated, the two major parties think they can go through 6 weeks of campaigning and not have anything to say about it.

At the European Movement, our job is to call out this hypocrisy. We’re here to make a nuisance, to upset the apple cart and say the (apparently) unsayable - that we would be better off back in Europe."

Lord Heseltine's message has been covered on Sky News, the Guardian, and The Independent and more.

Our campaign will continue to break the Brexit silence and hold politicians to account on the damage caused to our country. Thank you to everyone who is part of this movement.

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