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NHS or Brexit

NHS or Brexit


The government’s own research shows that leaving the EU without a deal could disrupt the supply of life-saving medicines and cripple our NHS – and patients will be the biggest losers in the chaos of a No Deal Brexit.  

Our country has a simple choice to make - leave without a deal, or save our NHS. 

We, the undersigned, choose our NHS over Brexit.  

of  25,000  target

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6 weeks

Amount of medicine stockpiling we'll need if we leave without a deal


Proportion of Doctors who believe leaving the EU will hurt our NHS


Amount of nurses who say that short staffing is affecting the care they're giving patients


Our health service will not survive Brexit in any form.

Doctors and nurses from the EU keep us healthy and care for our loved ones - that's why the British Medical Association, Royal College of Nurses, British Medical Journal and Royal College of Midwives all support a People's Vote on the Brexit deal.