Our members and supporters will be the ones to turn the tide

Published on March 13, 2021

The European Movement is turning the page on a new chapter.

Last weekend, I had the honour of joining the Executive Committee of the European Movement UK. I am privileged to be part of a skilled team of expert campaigners, determined to help rebuild our relationship with Europe.

But the true engine of the European Movement is its members and supporters. Thanks to your magnificent support, the movement has grown rapidly and has more than 11,600 members at its very heart and hundreds of thousands more supporters besides.

The battle to rebuild our relationship with Europe, brick by brick, depends on the thousands of people like you supporting our campaigns. Whether by signing petitions, writing to your MPs, getting involved in your local group or something else entirely: our supporters will be the ones who turn the tide.

That is why we will not be resting on our laurels. Now is a time for us keep building momentum and bring even more people into our movement.

We are asking our supporters, like you, to take one crucial step to help us grow the movement. We are asking our supporters to help us grow the movement, by asking your friends to become a supporter. All they have to do is take the free and easy step of signing up to hear about our campaigns, and we will welcome them into our growing European Movement community.


Thank you so much to all of you for being with us at this crucial time and helping us to keep growing in size and influence.

Sajjad Karim, former MEP for North West England and European Movement UK executive committee member

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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