Campaigners taking to streets of Ealing as part of largest ever People’s Vote National Day of Action

Published on September 26, 2018

The Ealing European Movement, along with other groups campaigning for a People’s Vote up and down the country, will be out in force on Saturday 29 September for the largest ever People’s Vote National Day of Action, with over 100 groups taking part across the UK.

Activists and supporters from the People’s Vote campaign will take to the streets in Ealing this Saturday, as well as across the rest of the UK, in order to demand their right to a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

There will be over 100 local groups participating, with thousands of activists and supporters taking part, over 1 million leaflets ordered, and with street stalls due to be set up in towns and cities the length and breadth of the country, in areas that voted both Remain and Leave. In Ealing, the European Movement branch will be holding a street stall outside the entrance of the Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre in the middle of the day, talking to members of the public about the impacts of Brexit as well as handing out leaflets and gathering signatures for the People's Vote petition.

This People’s Vote National Day of Action follows on from the hugely successful People’s Vote Summer of Action, which saw mass rallies take place in Bristol, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge and Cardiff. This is all leading up to the People’s Vote March for the Future in London on October 20th, which is expected to be the largest Brexit-related march so far, larger than the previous People’s Vote march which was attended by over 100,000 people.

Curtis Parfitt-Ford, communications officer of the Ealing European Movement, said "With a chaotic Brexit looming now more than ever with the failure of the UK government to come to an agreement with other Member States and the Commission, the choice we now face is simple. Risk a bad deal for the country, or push hard for a People's Vote on the final deal that we reach. This isn't about re-running the EU referendum - it's very much about securing our prosperity, and about letting the people have their say on whether the Brexit we end up getting is what they voted for in 2016 or not."

Ealing as a borough voted just over 60% in favour of remaining in the European Union in 2016.


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