We Need Real Brexit Scrutiny – Before It’s Too Late

Published on April 23, 2021

We need to turn the tide before it is too late.


Brexit was the biggest political change in more than a generation and it is already impacting lives, livelihoods and communities up and down the country.  

We need to turn the tide before it is too late. That’s why we are taking proper, democratic scrutiny of Brexit into our own hands.  

We just published our new report, Stories of Brexit and delivered it straight to MPs’ desks. The report reveals 10 true stories of people suffering from the impacts of this Brexit deal, including the story of Willa, whose business is struggling, Andrew, a farmer who is concerned for his future, and Tom, a fisherman whose business has been rocked by the changes. 

We delivered it straight to MPs with ten clear recommendations of steps the government can take immediately to make the Brexit reality faced by people like Willa, Andrew, and Tom a little easier. 

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The impact in just the first 3 months has been shocking...  

For months, the consequences of this Brexit deal have hit our people, our communities, and our economy hard. In the first 100 days of Brexit: 

  • Exports to the EU collapsed by more than 40% in January alone. 
  • Farmers, fisheries and small businesses are being driven to the wall 
  • Thousands of musicians, creatives, and other professionals lost their livelihoods due to ending freedom of movement 

We desperately need scrutiny for the impacts of this Brexit deal.  


Here’s how we do it... 

The European Movement will ensure real accountability for the devastating impacts of this Brexit deal.  

Thanks to your donations we just published our impactful report, Stories of Brexit, drawing on first-hand experience of the harms of the Brexit deal and expert knowledge to present ten clear improvements MPs could make, right now. 

Already, we are hiring two new professional campaigners to ramp up our grassroots campaigning and increase our influence at Westminster. 

But there is so much more we can do. With your incredible support, we will:  

  • Launch hard-hitting campaigns forcing MPs and decision-makers to confront this hard Brexit nightmare head on 
  • Invest in a cutting-edge digital tool enabling activists to produce targeted, high-impact local campaigns to pile pressure onto their MPs 
  • Invest tens of thousands of pounds in targeted digital advertising, transforming our reach to compete with a powerful media machine
  • Work closely with experts on the frontline to identify further policy changes that will improve this failing Brexit deal
  • Create a network of high-profile MPs, peers, and leading industry voices to increase our ability to scrutinise this disastrous Brexit deal  

Last year, we held the government to account in demanding that they avoid a devastating no deal Brexit.  

Now we are bringing the full story of Brexit straight to MPs’ desks. We will make it clear that urgent action is needed to improve on this deal and make the reality of Brexit easier for millions affected.

We need to throw everything we have got at holding this government to account. With your help, we can expose the true impact of this Brexit. Are you with us?  

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Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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