Safeguarding our future

Published on February 11, 2019

With our politicians in continuing disarray - surely it is time to ask the people if this is what they voted for. And before anyone says that another referendum would 'betray the will of the people', they should ask themselves, "How can 'the people' betray 'the will of the people'?" It's a logical impossibility. The people's votes are 'the will of the people' at the time that they are cast. And 'the people', Remainers and Leavers alike have the right to decide their future based on facts not fiction.

There are four cogent reasons why I would like 'the people' to vote to remain in the EU and change it from within:

1. Jobs - to safeguard jobs in our nation

2. Ireland - to safeguard the Peace Process
3. Young people - to safeguard their future
4. Peace in Europe - to safeguard the legacy of 70 years of peace.

All positives - no scaremongering! And with safeguarding our future at its heart.

Michael Gove, in a failed attempt to convert MPs, urged them on the Today programme to change their minds and vote for the deal. What's good for politicians is good for us too. Can the people please have the same opportunity? Let's see if the 'will of the people' is the same or has it changed.

A Final Say please. 

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