Save eTwinning

The Government has withdrawn from Erasmus+, which included the educational scheme known as eTwinning. This decision affected pupils aged 3-19 who, together with their teachers, lost access to friendships and work built up over years of collaboration with children throughout Europe.


  • Allowed children of all abilities and all social and financial backgrounds to build cross border friendships and broaden their horizons,
  • Assisted language learning at an early age, when children are most receptive,
  • Provided a safe platform for work and collaboration,
  • Offered teachers high quality Continued Professional Development.

None of this is in the Government's Turing Scheme.

We call on the Government to rectify this situation, by enabling the UK to participate as an eTwinning+ country (for countries outside of the European Union), so our children are not deprived of the opportunities it provides.

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Local Groups Warwick District 4 Europe and Oxford Region are leading this campaign.
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