Statement on Rishi Sunak

Published on October 24, 2022

Today, Rishi Sunak is our new Prime Minister. He has a momentous task ahead of him: our communities are divided; his party is split, and our country suffers from the worst economic crisis in a generation.  

But his success is now our country’s success, and we must offer him that opportunity to succeed. Now, he must face this reality: the root cause of this instability is Brexit.  

A poorly negotiated, hard Brexit has cut us off from our neighbours, demolished trade and eroded the soul of our country.  

If Rishi wants to save the economy, he needs to fix the Brexit deal. He must urgently calm the markets, guarantee peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland and remove the threat of a trade war with Europe.  

Brexit has now taken out four Prime Ministers. As Sunak enters No. 10 as the fifth since 2016, he must learn from the errors of his predecessors.  

In the meantime, the European Movement UK will do all we can to rebuild relationships across Europe and help the UK find its place back on the world stage. We are the only organisation with the courage to expose the calamity of Brexit and win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.  

Anna Bird 
CEO - European Movement UK

Help us put Europe on the political agenda before the general election

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