The European Movement UK and The New European are today announcing a strategic partnership, bringing the Movement’s members the very best news and analysis and supporting the pro-European media to thrive. 

The European Movement and The New European will work side by side to ensure that the whole story of Brexit is told, giving voice to those most affected by the government's Brexit deal and providing a space for the UK's pro-European community to present a positive, inspiring alternative for the country.

To celebrate the partnership, those who join the European Movement in the month of June will receive a special limited print run edition of The New European for its 5th anniversary. European Movement members who subscribe to the newspaper will also receive their first 12 issues for a reduced price of just £12.

Lord Andrew Adonis, Chair of the European Movement UK, said: "I am delighted to announce this partnership. A strong pro-European media is a critical resource for passionate Europeans in the UK, and the impassioned reporting and analysis of The New European is of huge value to our growing community of more than 12,000 members. There has never been a more crucial time to join the European Movement and fight for our future relationship with Europe."

Matt Kelly, Editor of The New European, said: "I hope European Movement members will come to see The New European as the antidote, at least in small part, to so much of the blinkered, negative and increasingly nationalistic media in the UK. We believe there is a need for a publication that counters that trend with open-minded, intelligent and honest journalism based on the belief that the UK's journey is best made in the company of our nearest neighbours."

The European Movement UK is the home of the UK's pro-European community - determined to rebuild the country's close relationship with Europe, brick by brick, until we can retake our place in Europe. Become a member today.


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