The State of Play of Brexit

Published on September 02, 2019

"It's easy to understand why some in our movement are beginning to lose hope - but the fight is far from over."

If there wasn’t so much at stake, you’d be forgiven for thinking that what’s happening right now in British politics seems almost comical. Jacob Rees-Mogg increasingly resembles a second-rate Bond villain, gleefully explaining his dastardly plans on every morning show that will have him. Boris Johnson is.... well, Boris Johnson. Even Hugh Grant has joined the fray, hurling f-bombs at the prime minister on Twitter.  We are truly living in unprecedented times.

Following Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament in order to force through No Deal, it's easy to understand why some in our movement are beginning to lose hope -but the fight is far from over. It’s been heartening to see spontaneous anti-prorogation protests happening in towns and cities across the country. The protests went beyond Brexit – they represented the British people coming together to defend democracy itself.

Meanwhile, the government is becoming more and more desperate. Far from having a master plan, it’s becoming clear that Johnson and Cummings are making increasingly drastic moves in a bid to hold onto power as they realise that there is simply no mandate for the destructive No Deal Brexit that they are trying to impose on the country. The Church House declaration proved that there is a sizeable coalition in the house that will put country before party in order to stop No Deal – a coalition which, in the next few days, will likely grow as pressure mounts.

The latest gamble from Johnson and Cummings, threatening to purge Tory MPs who vote to block No Deal, may actually boost the number of Conservative MPs willing to defy the party whip. Former Justice Minister David Gauke told the BBC’s Today programme this morning that the Prime Minister is “almost goading people” to rebel.

It appears increasingly likely that their next gamble will be to call a general election. If this happens, the plan is simple: the European Movement will campaign tirelessly in constituencies across the country to ensure that there is a majority in parliament for a People’s Vote.

No matter how much politics evolves over the years, the fact remains that campaigns are won on the strength of their grassroots. Over the past week, the Stop the Coup protests have proven that our movement is able to mobilise quickly – something that will be crucial in the weeks to come.

The European Movement, together with the People’s Vote campaign, has over 150 campaign groups in towns and cities across the country. Our activists are fighting No Deal at MP surgeries, street stalls, and on doorsteps across the UK. No matter what happens next, we must ensure that we have a presence in every constituency in the country. The next few weeks will shape the country for generations to come – will you join us?


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