Three reasons to vote tactically

Published on November 13, 2019

We all vote for different reasons. Many people in the UK vote for the same party every time because we inherently agree with that party’s values. Many others vote for the candidate - we listen to what each candidate has to say and we vote for that person. Others still vote on the basis of the policies of the party, switching between them on the basis of each election.

This election is different.

This election will decide the future of our country. If there is a time to put aside individual preferences for the sake of a bigger issue, this is it. Here are three reasons why:

1. Brexit is bigger than the other issues

Whilst there are many things that usually determine how we vote, from party to candidate, to people, even to other issues like the NHS, make no mistake: this election is about Brexit.

The future of this country will be determined by Brexit. It will change our NHS, alter

It is one of the only times in our lives that we may need to put aside party loyalty, to look beyond individual candidates and to see beyond the manifestos. Brexit is bigger than it all.


2. To stop a Boris Brexit

This election will determine whether on the other hand Boris Johnson has the majority that he needs to push through his disastrous Brexit deal. In our election system he only needs one third of the vote to push through his dodgy deal.

By voting tactically, we can prevent Boris from getting the majority that he needs to push through his extreme Brexit plans.


3. For a People’s Vote

On the other hand, if we tactically vote for candidates that support a People’s Vote, we can elect a majority of MPs who believe that the people, not Boris Johnson should have the final say on Brexit. If just 30% of remain voters voted tactically we would have the majority we need for a People’s Vote!

This election is a turning point and we have the opportunity to determine the future of our country. Every vote will count.

But how do you vote tactically?

It’s easy! We have done all the hard work for you, our analysts have looked at each constituency and have found the candidates that support a People’s Vote and are most likely to win. Find out who who you’re People’s Vote candidate is here.


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